5 Best Calendar Apps for Your iPhone

5 Best Calendar Apps for Your iPhone
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Five Top Calendar Apps

If you’re an iPhone user, chances are you do a lot with it from games to maps to images and video options. The mobile phone has become sort of an appendage these days and we are never far from our iPhones, so why not use a scheduling tool such as an iPhone calendar app?

In fact, we’ve got five iPhone calendar apps for you to choose from, so browse away, read the techie stuff and download your favorite today!

  1. Pocket Informant - This great calendar app is more than a calendar, it’s also a task manager. The new 1.30 Version has features including landscape column views, email tasks and events, easy to add task features, and even sub-task capabilities. Set agendas by day, week, and even month with alerts so you don’t miss important dates or events. You can even set it to tell you about dates missed or overdue assignments. Available at the App store, this calendar app will cost you $12.99 and it’s well worth the cost, especially because it will soon be released for the iPad.
  2. SaiSuke Google Calendar Sync – Now in Version 1.28 (just released in May of 2010), this calendar app for the iPhone is perfect for the professional who needs to keep track of, not only daily tasks, but also weekly and even yearly tasks. You can synchronize this app with Google Calendar and even customize fonts to your liking. Use your thumb to quickly browse different days and dates without losing a constant time display. Find this at the App Store for $9.99.
  3. CalenGoo - If you can’t part with your Google Calendar, CalenGoo is the iPhone app for you. Also available at the App Store for only $6.99, this calendar app allows you to access and modify your Google Calendar even if you don’t have an Internet connection. Now available in Version 1.4.0, new features include task functions and a bug fix for the crash in landscape day view. Invite friends to events with this iPhone calendar app with the two-finger push you’re used to from Safari.
  4. Lunar Calendar - This calendar app is sure to fit those who crave the Gregorian calendar. Version 1.8 is only $0.99 at the App Store and this app features a moon fast cycle that provides times in your local time zone, moon phases, rise and set time for both the moon and sun and awesome animated transitions. This iPhone calendar app is for the mystic person who loves not only the moon but really gets the whole lunar experience.
  5. Bill Pal - If paying your bills on time is a problem for you, then this iPhone calendar app will ensure you never miss a due bill again. Also only $0.99 at the App Store, Bill Pal’s Version 1.0.5 features a great calendar interface that sets alerts when bills are due or overdue. Customize recurring bills, record your paid dates and keep all your bill paying private with a security password option.

Other Calendar Apps

Bill Pal Screenshot

If one of the above iPhone calendar apps doesn’t meet your fancy, we even found some that can track a women’s monthly cycle, some that display emotions, keep track of holidays, and even calendar apps that are geared toward certain religious holidays such as Jewish or Catholic.

If you haven’t tried a calendar app for your iPhone, isn’t it time you did? With prices ranging from $0.99 to around $13 you can’t beat some of the ones listed here and after all, didn’t you crave that iPhone for all its cool features? Why not take advantage of some of these great calendar apps, all available at the iPhone App Store.

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