Song Capacities For Different iPhone Models

Song Capacities For Different iPhone Models
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Songs on iPhone

If you are thinking about purchasing an iPhone, or you have an iPhone but you are not sure about how much music it can hold, then fear not. I will go through and clarify the capacity for each model so you know how much music can be held on each of the three models.

Before I go through and list the song amount for each phone, let me give you just a slight background of the size of songs in terms of the file size. The average song can be about three megabytes (MB). As a reference 1024MB is equivalent to one gigabyte (GB). Now keep in mind that some songs can be larger and smaller than three megabytes, but for starters, 3MB is a good reference point.

iPhone 3G 8GB

How many songs can an iPhone 3G hold? The iPhone 3G comes in one size these days, 8GB. With this size you should be able to fit about 2,000 songs on to your iPhone. If you have an older iPhone you may also be wondering “How many songs can a 4GB iPhone hold?” Well the answer is probably around 1,000 songs. Again you have to take into consideration individual song sizes. If you tried to throw a massive instrumental track on it, that is like 15 minutes long, then you obviously will not be able to get as many of those on your iPhone. As a general estimation though, 2,000 songs is the average for 8GB of space.

iPhone 3GS 16GB and 32GB

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How many songs can an iPhone 3GS hold? The iPhone 3GS comes in two different sizes, 16GB and 32GB. For most music heads, this will be plenty of space for all of your music. The 16GB of space will be able to hold double the amount of the iPhone 3G, at about 4,000 songs. If you want to purchase the 32GB iPhone 3GS, then you should get about 8,000 songs on it.

It is definitely important to think about how much space you really need before you purchase your iPhone 3GS. The more capacity the iPhone has, the higher the price, so keep that in mind. Will you really be able to fill your iPhone 3GS with 8,000 songs or is that just unnecessary space for you? Reviewing this could mean saving you about $100.

Which iPhone?

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new iPhone. I think it’s important to look over all of the aspects of the iPhone before making a purchase. If you are using it a little for the phone, but mostly for an iPod, then it’s important to look at your music library and analyze how much space you’ll need. Check out the iPhone Music Playing Guide for help using your iPhone as an iPod.

As I said above, the more gigabytes the iPhone has, the higher the price is. As the GBs double, the price seems to do the same. You also need to notice that the iPhone 3GS is at least twice the size of the iPhone 3G, but you also get a video camera and some updated features and specs for the $100 extra price tag. So just think through all iPhone models before making your final purchase to see which one fits your needs the best.