Learn How to Set Up and Customize your Yahoo Mail Account on Your iPhone

Learn How to Set Up and Customize your Yahoo Mail Account on Your iPhone
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iPhone Email

Email is going to continue to be a central part of your cell phone experience, and the iPhone integrates it as one of its most basic functions right along with the iPod, Safari and the phone calling functions. Apple does pander to some of the major email service providers with the iPhone, in that it allows a specific set up protocol for services like AOL, Microsoft Exchange, Mobile Me, and Gmail. Yahoo Mail is also catered for, which makes it that much easier to sync up your Yahoo Mail account to your iPhone. Here is a quick overview of how to set up your Yahoo Mail account to your iPhone and what to do when using Yahoo Mail with your iPhone.

Setting Up Yahoo Mail on the iPhone

Make sure that you already have a Yahoo Mail account before you try using Yahoo Mail with your iPhone. It is just going to be dramatically easier to simply go online to Yahoo Mail, set up an account, and then set up a log in on your iPhone. Start by going to the Mail button in the lower task bar in between Phone and Safari. When you select it you will be given a list of email service providers Microsoft Exchange, Mobile Me, Gmal, Yahoo Mail, AOL, and Other. Select Yahoo Mail and you will be asked to enter your Name, Address, Password and Description (description is optional). This will log you into your Yahoo Mail account, where the emails are listed in a similar fashion to your text messages. From here using Yahoo Mail with your iPhone is going to be laid out in the same way as all the other simple functions, except it will be isolated to a specific location dictated by you in the settings.

Using Yahoo Mail on the iPhone

When using Yahoo Mail with your iPhone you will want to set your iPhone to give you Push Notifications about your Yahoo Mail. This will allow you to receive update messages in the same way you would with text messages. Go to the iPhone Settings option and then go down to the third block of settings options. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars, which is right under General and above Phone.


From here you can tweak the mail settings for any email account that you may have synced to your iPhone or iPod Touch, including your Yahoo Mail account. Go down to Fetch New Data, where it should say Push. Select this, and you have the option of turning Push off. Go down and change the Fetch period for fetching data from Manually to something more reasonable, like Hourly, Every 30 Minutes, or Every 15 Minutes. What this will do is ensure that your mail updates regularly, giving you notifications on a constant basis.

More iPhone Yahoo Mail Settings


If you go back into the more general Mail, Contacts, Calendars section you have more options that will allow you to customize the way your iPhone deals with your Yahoo Mail account. Under the Mail header you can choose how many messages to display, how long you want the preview of an email to be, the Minimum Font Size, whether or not you want it to ask before deleting emails, if you want the To/Cc label to be displayed, and if you want to load remote images. It is important to consider what you want to get out of your Yahoo Mail account before altering your settings as each additional thing you add on can create more work for your phone in the form of constant updates and can make the email itself a little too overwhelming. If you go below you have other options, including Signature. What the iPhone Mail Signature does is put a specific line at the end of the emails sent from your iPhone. It is automatically set to say “Sent from my iPhone,” which is a little bit of shameless self promotion on Apple’s part. Change this immediately to something more fitting as you do not want to identify that your emails are coming from your iPhone.

When the iPhone Wi-Fi Won’t Connect to Yahoo Email

There are often times when the iPhone Wi-Fi won’t connect to Yahoo email. When you find that the iPhone Wi-Fi won’t connect to your Yahoo email you are going to find that the issue is usually not with your Yahoo Mail account specifically but rather with your iPhone Wi-Fi connection. What you need to do here is see if you can connect to other servies with your iPhone Wi-Fi, and then check your Yahoo Mail account on a computer. If both of these seem to be fine go into the Mail settings area on your iPhone and make sure all of the settings are set according to your preferences. Usually in situations when the iPhone Wi-Fi won’t connect to Yahoo email it is just a simple settings mix up or it is down to lack of Wi-Fi availability.

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