Tips for Finding Basic iPhone Information About Your Device

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What’s on My iPhone?

The content of your iPhone is really a mess of different applications, games, communication features, contacts, bookmarks, and media. There is so much going on under the touch screen of a typical iPhone that it begins to make you feel a little disconnected from what is actually on there in the first place. This is important for finding lost information or items and even just figuring out how much space is being used. Here are a few ways to get in and find out the crucial information about your iPhone, both on the iPhone itself and when syncing that iPhone to your computer.

Usage and About

If you want to get an overview of the general usage of your iPhone you can do this easily through a Settings area. Go into the General Settings area and select Usage. Here you can see the amount of use since the last time that you charged it and the amount of standby time. You can also see Call Time and Cellular Network Data, like how much data has been sent and received. You can opt to Reset Statistics so you can get a clear idea of iPhone usage on a specific time frame. This is a good way to watch your account usage or monitor another person’s iPhone, such as a parent to a child. If you go back to General Settings and select About you will get the clearest reading of information about your iPhone. Here it lists a profile for your iPhone including what netork you are on, how many songs, videos, and photos you have, how many application, how large it is, how much space you are taking up with your iPhone content, what version it is, what the carrier is, what it’s serial and model numbers are, what the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth addresses are, its IMEI and ICCID numbers, and the firmware. You can even get general legal information about your iPhone. This is the most comprehensive list of basic iPhone information you can access.

Syncing iPhone to Computer for Basic Information

When connecting to your computer you can also figure out basic information about your iPhone. When iTunes recognizes your iPhone you can select it from the Devices panel on the left hand side to bring it up into the main view. Here you are going to get basic information about your iPhone including how much space is available, what type of content is taking up the current space in your iPhone, what version of firmware is there, and if you have the ability to update your iPhone. If you select on different content specific tabs you can see what is being synced to your iPhone such as Music, Podcasts, Movies, TV Shows, and Applications. All of these will list, and allow you to regulate, what is going on your iPhone.

Other Basic Information

Any more iPhone basic information is going to need to be found specifically as there are not any more profiles that will list it. The iPhone Settings area has specifics for things like Sounds, Phone, Safari, Messages, iPod and more, and all of these will give you iPhone information in more detail on their specific area.