How To Free Up Memory on an iPhone

How To Free Up Memory on an iPhone
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Spring Cleaning of Installed iPhone Apps

You’ll know that you need to delete or uninstall apps if your iPhone’s app screen is already nearing the 11 page limit. I understand that you love downloading iPhone apps, especially the cool, new ones. But when was the last time that you actually used some of those apps? That’s right after you downloaded that daft app to your iPhone you used it once and left it there. The reality is, you could probably be using around 5 screens of iPhone apps. There’s nothing wrong with that except for the fact that the more apps you install, the less storage space you have left on your iPhone. Yes, boys and girls apps eat up space on your iPhone. So, if I were you, I’d check my iPhone right now and start uninstalling apps that you don’t really use. I’m pretty sure by the time you’re done with app spring cleaning, you’ll be left with 7 or less app screen pages.

Spring Cleaning of Media Files

If the space taken up by apps is not really that much, then perhaps it is Media Files you’ve been hoarding. Videos and photos take up too much space on your iPhone. I’m not really sure why you would store several albums of photos in your iPhone. To review them later on? But you can always transfer photos whenever you need to show them off to somebody. Delete video and photos that you’ve safely backed up elsewhere and don’t look at regularly. These media files no longer have a space in your iPhone storage.

Spring Cleaning of SMS Inbox

Like apps, your iPhone’s SMS Inbox also takes storage space. The more you archive SMS, the less iPhone storage you’ll have left. Your SMS Inbox eats up space on your iPhone. Delete SMS sent a couple of years ago. It adds up to your iPhone memory problem and it makes browsing of new SMS a difficult task. The only problem you’ll probably encounter when deleting old SMS is that you have to do it one by one for each sender or recipient.

Spring Cleaning of Contacts

If you’ve synchronized your Facebook and Gmail account to your iPhone, all your contacts are also brought along. The thing is, not all of your Facebook and Gmail contacts can be contacted via mobile phones. There may be some contacts without a telephone number hence, you have no way of calling or sending SMS to them. So, instead of occupying space on your iPhone, you might want to consider deleting some contacts from your iPhone. Although this won’t clear up much space unless you have loads of contacts.

Use Free Memory Monitoring Apps

To help you monitor current space in your iPhone, grab one of those free memory monitoring apps from the apps store. This app will tell you how much storage you still have left on your iPhone and you can check it out without going to iTunes. As soon as you know that you’re nearing the capacity limit of your iPhone, you can immediately apply these tips on how to free up memory on an iPhone.