Apps to Fight Addiction on the iPhone

Apps to Fight Addiction on the iPhone
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Fighting Addiction a Phone at a Time

I certainly appreciate if you came to this article with a bit of skepticism. After all, I started doing research for the article with a healthy amount of skepticism as well. Can an app really cure your addiction to a drug, to a lifestyle? From my point of view - no, no it can’t. But at the same time, certain people might benefit from a few “good breathing” exercises or some how to audio book-esque recordings. That being said, the app store has a lack of these apps, probably because they don’t sell too well being such a niche market.

Therefore, I’ve decided to take a look at two “stop smoking” apps dealing with addiction for a couple of reasons. First, the “quit smoking” app market is much more commercial than other “drug addiction” apps that appear to be bogus at the very least and at their worst, completely deceitful. The smoking apps are the more legitimate of the bunch and have some reviews that are actually good to their credit. So let’s take a look at two of the best the app store has to offer in terms of “stop smoking” apps.

Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten

Price: $7.99

The best-rated “quit smoking” app in the app store is worthy of the praise - provided you’re a believer in the service the app provides. There’s the usual ego-boosting standbys, such as video introductions, e-books, calculators, and even testimonials. The testimonials are a little unnecessary after purchase in my opinion, after all, you’ve already bought into the app - so really, how many other people do you need telling you to buy it?

The ebook section of the app is particularly robust and interesting, providing good daily boosts to stop you from smoking as well as a good number of sessions. The app appears to work, as testimonials from actor Ewan McGregor would suggest, mostly due to the literature that comes with this app to fight addiction to smoking.

Quitter to Stop Smoking

159749-quitter-big original

Price: Free!

Quitter is not nearly as robust as Quit Smoking Now, but then again, at no cost, it’s hard to really complain that there isn’t an ebook component or any videos. The really interesting aspect of the app is that it counts from the moment you stop smoking. Really, the effect that this has is to make you feel good about quitting. However, to actually help you quit, you’ll have to supplement this app with a more robust system like the Quit Smoking Now.

A Different App for Addiction


Here’s a different alternative app to fight addiction:

1. Download the Kindle App

2. Download the Alcoholism and Addiction Drug Cure for about the same price as the Quit Smoking Now App

This ebook in particular has helped out a statistically significant amount of people to quit their smoking habit, and seems like a better use of about 8 or 9 dollars than to waste that money on an app that may or may not help you. Even better, if you have the Kindle app across multiple platforms, you can even access the material on multiple devices - an advantage not available with other apps.

There are apps to fight addiction, however, don’t let it be the end-all of your determination to quit smoking.

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