Top Five iPhone Waterproof Cases

Top Five iPhone Waterproof Cases
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H2O Audio iDive 300 Deep Dive Waterproof Case (4 out of 5)

This is not just your usual waterproof case that protects your iPhone from water splashes. Using this case, you can submerge your iPhone into the water with up to 300 feet. Most waterproof cases work only up to 10 feet. The H2O Audio iDive 300 Deep Dive Waterproof Case snugly fits your iPhone with spacers and trim at the most appropriate places. An added feature is an amplified, outside-the-ear headphones which you can clip to the side of your diving mask or tuck inside your dive hood. The case also has buttons that connects to your iPhone so that you can control volume, playback and menu navigation easily. Best way to describe this case would be something like an iPhone speaker system enclosed in a waterproof case. (Price: $349.99)

Aquapac Waterproof Mini (4 out of 5)

Aquapac Mini Waterproof Case

I’ve been reading great reviews about the Aquapac Waterproof Mini iPhone case. This case was rated IP68 which simply means that your iPhone inside the case will stay buoyant when you drop it on water that is it will float and will not sink into the bottom. Hence, you can retrieve it easily. Another good thing about the Aquapac Waterproof Mini Case is that it will protect your iPhone from salt air due to prolonged submersion into the water, hence preventing the iPhone from corroding. Other features of this waterproof case include - make and take calls right through the case material, GPS signal is unaffected, LENZFLEX window on the back allowing you to take pictures, submersible up to 15 feet, and UV-stabilized TPU material. (Price: $30.00)

Dry Pak Waterproof Pouch for iPhone 3G (4 out of 5)

Dry Pak Waterproof

This Dry Pak waterproof case, or pouch, gives your iPhone 3G protection from water, sand and dust. It is proven to be waterproof at various depths although the manufacturer does not recommend submerging it to more than 30 ft. With your iPhone inside the pouch, you can still talk and listen right through case. It also maintains some degree of buoyancy so it will quickly floats in case you lose it. The pouch is made of clear material on front and blue material on back. It is padded and lined and comes with adjustable neck lanyard and anodized aluminum carabineer. (Price: $16.95)

Aquapac Waterproof PRO Sports Case (4 out of 5)

Aquapac Waterproof PRO Sports Case

Here’s another waterproof case from Aquapac - the Aquapac Waterproof PRO Sports Case. It was designed to allow your iPhone to work within the case including sound and signal passing right through the protective material. It is airtight sealed allowing your iPhone to float safely if you drop it accidentally in the water. It is also guaranteed to withstand submersion up to 30 ft. (Price: $34.95)

3g iPhone Waterproof Case (4 out of 5)

3g iPhone Waterproof Case

This 3G iPhone Waterproof case gives you access to your iPhone while keeping it completely dry. It comes with an adjustable neoprene hand strap for convenient carrying. The case is made of ABS plastic which not only makes it hard but practically indestructible as well. Another nice feature of this case is its removable padding inside which not only protects your iPhone but lets you customize the case to use an extended battery. (Price: $49.95)