Jailbreaking Your iPhone 3G: Is it Worth the Risk?

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Plan a Jailbreak

Many iPhone users out there have heard about “jailbreaking” their iPhone, which allows them to use the device in a number of ways that Apple had not intended. This can be a great way to customize your iPhone further, create and use unlicensed programs, and even use your iPhone 3G as a wireless modem.

Though this can be a great thing, there are a number of things that should be considered before doing this.

Do You Need It?

The first thing to remember before jailbreaking your iPhone is that if you don’t need to you shouldn’t do it. It will give you many more options, but if you are already satisfied with what is available on your phone and through the App Store then there is no reason to go through this process.

Jailbreaking can lead to a number of problems and confusing navigation, so only do it if it is necessary for your use.

The problems include:

  1. Apple May Abandon You

  2. Bricking

  3. iPhone Problems

Apple May Abandon You

On several occasions Apple has refused to service or give warranty rights to hacked iPhones, though a lot of pressure will usually get them to switch their stance. They often claim that this action voids warranties and it will throw up a lot of red tape to go around. This is not for certain, but it does create a lot of issues. Apple has even threatened to refuse service entirely for hacked iPhones.


There have been rare cases of “Bricking,” which is when a device is permanently disabled. This is usually around hacks that allow the iPhone to support third-party service providers or SIM cards. This is very rare, but it has happened.

iPhone Problems

The device itself can also suffer many common problems once it has been opened up. When it has the ability to do things that were not intended by Apple there are times when viruses, faulty programs, and other things can disturb the standard functions of the device. Common things that have been reported are the inability for the home button to work, the phone microphone getting disabled, strange error messages when connecting your iPhone to your computer, and so on. Remember that if you are going to jailbreak your phone you should make sure that you have a working knowledge of computers, both software and hardware.

How Safe Is It?

Hacking your iPhone can be a relatively safe way to liberate your device from the unreasonable hold Apple has over its service, but there are still problems that arise. Before doing it, make sure that you weight the costs and benefits of jailbreaking, and make sure that it is worth it to you.