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The Mark of Mafia Update

Deathrace Mafia is Mark of Mafia’s entry into the car themed free text-based iPhone MMO RPGs. Mark of Mafia entered itself as a minor player with its self-titled entry, but there was little else added to the design until recently. This app starts out by taking the base design that started with Mark of Mafia and injecting a street race series of titles, yet it tries to stay tough by bringing in brass knuckles and guns every place they are not necessary. Instead of following the actual racing business theme like Race or Die, iRacing or Street Racers 3D Miami, they try to keep the original theme in tact by adding cars. The additions are not a great mix with the racing theme of this app.

Very Little

This app is not much of an update in terms of theme from the original Mark of Mafia. There are more levels, graphics, missions and every other nominal aspect, but it still feels slow and clunky. The theme itself is simply not as well designed as games like iMob Online or Race or Die, and there is very little that forces this app to rise above it. For an app such as this to be successful, it has to stand out when compared to its peers. Deathrace Mafia actually feels like an older free iPhone game that is not on the same caliber of competitive applications, like Race or Die.

Deathrace Mafia: Mark of Mafia Family Codes

This app employs a Family Code system, which allows you to easily add other players. Using the Deathrace Mafia Family Codes is an important aspect of playing the game, and you will find many online sources for them. The Mark of Mafia Friend Code system has not been updated, however, and is not any better than it was previously.

Not So Much

Overall, this app does not add much to the original Mark of Mafia. Because of this, it is not foreseeable that it will bring in any other players. Try to find a different mafia or car themed free text-based iPhone MMO RPG, which will not be too hard. This game gets four out of ten stars.

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