Podcast Play Options on the iPhone

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Listening to Podcasts

Podcasts are a new institution that allow almost anybody to put together a radio show. Instead of broadcasting it in a “push” format, you go to it and download it in a “pull” formula that is more in line with new media expectations.

There are tons of these on iTunes, many of them free of charge completely. Here you can take the option to subscribe to the podcast and have it downloaded as they come out, or download them individually as you want them. You then upload them to your iPhone and can listen to them similar to a regular audio track.

Though the process is not far off, you do get a number of different options while actually playing an audio podcast on your iPhone than you do when listening to a song or audio lecture. The iPhone podcast options are specific to this new media format and give you a series of communication options. Here are some unique options that you have while listening to podcasts on your iPhone.

Selecting Podcasts

Usually podcasts are not part of your normal classifications on the bottom iPod task bar in your iPhone so instead you will have to go to More, which is on the far right hand side. Inside More you will find Podcasts, and then find the podcast you want to listen to and select it.

iPhone Podcast Options

When the podcast is playing on your iPhone you will notice three icons below the progress bar. The envelope icon, which is to the far left hand side, is what you do to send an email of the podcast to someone from your iPhone. This will open up a blank message in your email account with an introductory line about what the podcast is, a subject line the coincides with this, and then a direct link to download the podcast.

In the very center under the progress bar is a circular object with a “30” in the center. When you hit this 30 button it will immediately set the progress bar of the podcast back thirty seconds. This is an easy way to jump back when you need.

To the far right under the progress bar, which will actually be sitting right under the numeric time marker. Originally this box will have a 1X in it, which indicates that the podcast is playing at standard speed. If you press this again it will turn into a 2X, which will indicate that it is playing at double speed. A third press will turn it into ½ X, which indicates that it is going at have speed now. The sound of the podcast will affected by this change in speed. When it is at ½ X you can just hit it again to bring it back to the standard 1X.

Getting More Podcasts

If you have a common podcast of which there are many episodes you will likely have an option to get more right from its list in your iPod section of the iPhone. When you look under that podcasts specific section you will likely see a Get More Episodes link you can press. When you do you will be taken to that podcast’s page in iTunes where you can then initiate a download of other episodes in the series. These will work the same way on both the computer and iPhone version of iTunes, but if they are very large you may have to use Wi-Fi or a computer connection.