Quick iPhone Cleaning Tips to Help You Clean the Touch Screen and Surface

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A Unique Technology

The iPhone is a powerful device, and equally sensitive due to its lightweight design and touch screen. As it bounces around in your pocket or purse it is no doubt getting bits of crumbs or dirt all over it. Cleaning your phone can be a frightening process, but without doing it your touch screen may not be as visible or responsive as it was when you first started using it.

Unplug It

Make sure that your iPhone is not connected to your computer or to a wall charger. Also make sure that the phone is actually turned off, not just laying in power safe dormancy. You are going to be using water so you need to keep it away from electrical sources when at all possible.

Wiping the Screen to Clean It

Try to find a delicate towel or cloth, maybe something with micro fibers. Put just a small amount of water on the cloth, maybe the size of one or two dimes. Begin wiping down your iPhone, especially the touch screen. While going over it remember to be exceedingly gentle, and focus more on the wiping across the surface instead of applying pressure. Try to avoid the ports where peripheral or connection devices plug into the phone. Once it has been thoroughly wiped down use the dry part of the towel you have been using to go over the device again until it is fully dry. Try to do this process as often as possible.

Other Tips to Keep In Mind

Depending on where you got your iPhone it may have come with its own cleaning cloth, so if that is the case try to use that. Do not use any outside cleaning solutions on the phone because they will only serve to further damage the sensitive surfaces, especially the touch screen. Before you choose to use water at all, try using the cleaning cloth dry and see if that has a satisfactory effect.

Ordinary Use

The problem is that the iPhone is used in everyday situations, but the device is so sensitive that it can barely handle common wear and tear. There are safety and protection products you can use on your iPhone, but it is best to just keep it in a safe place and always be as conscious and gentle as possible.

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