Waste Time on Your iPhone with the Top 5 Free iPhone Apps

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Come On, Kill Time

The mobile phone, beyond its obvious function, is one of the best devices for wasting time. When stealing precious moments away at the office or waiting at the bus stop your iPhone can be a great form of distraction. Among the flurry of free applications available for the device, a few have stood out as being perfect time wasters, both because of their ingenuity and non-constructive fun.


SimStapler may be one of the most awesomely bizarre programs ever devised for a handheld device. Pegged on the iTunes Store as “as much fun as a real stapler,” it makes you immediately curious as to what they are talking about. Once you download the tiny program you open it to find that it is just a red stapler with a finger above it. When you press on it the finger pushes the stapler, making the typical sound. This may sound like the most ridiculous waste of time, and it is, wonderfully so.


iPint is actually two things, a simple touch screen game and a great sight gag. First you can select a level of difficulty, then angle the touch screen to slide a pint of beer down the bar to the patron, avoiding obstacles along the way. Once this is completed your iPhone acts as a glass and beer is filled to the top. With this you can then pour the beer down your throat, and it will actually respond and disappear in the image on the phone. Simple and refreshing!


Have you ever wanted to play a classic game and repeatedly lose? Well then download Morocco for free from the games category and get ready to watch the computer win repeatedly. The game interface is simple enough to get used to, and since you won’t be winning that often it is easily a quick distraction.


Who doesn’t love a good optical illusion. The application iMprint provides a few optical illusions to tickle your psyche. There is not a lot to this program, but is small in size a great for a quick brainteaser.

Celebrity Gossip

One of the most common past times in the U.S. is discussing the private lives of celebrities. The free program Celebrity Gossip is found in the entertainment section of the App Store and will give you all the quick bites you need.

Find Your Own

The iPhone allows us not only to be more productive but, depending on our motivation, to be delightfully counter-productive. Scale through the selection of applications and you may just find a few others to fill up your empty hours.

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