David Bowie and “Space Oddity” Remix it Up

David Bowie and “Space Oddity” Remix it Up
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Ground Control to You

David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” album came out in time to coincide with the Apollo 11 moon landings. But even if you weren’t around in 1969, here’s your chance to see just what “app power” is all about. And no it doesn’t have a thing to do with how much hair you got working on the top of your head.

Multitrack Mandess

Bowie 2

This multimedia music app is all about one thing: letting you browse within a piece of music by turning tracks (stem tracks) on and off so as to vary the arrangement.

It’s done through an iKmix Tab - which is an artist or band preset mix included in the application (in this case it’s David Bowie’s iconic single). You access the song’s structure with all of its stem track as yo activate/de-active or vary the volume of each of the multi tracks that make up the whole song. Then listen to what you’ve done. Or shake the iPod Touch for a random mix. Hey, it’s about as close as you can get to playing Quincy Jones in the recording studio! Or whoever your fav performer’s audio engineer is.

Go To It

So are you up to the task of taking on David Bowie and “Space Oddity”? Maybe working the faders or doing an acoustic mix with the 12-string guitar and the vocals that were originally recorded back then will show what you’re made of. Or perhaps adding in the guitar solo and the organ and drums and bass will make the tracks pop together. Just don’t forget that mellotron! Then sing along with Mr. B. when you’re done (bet he sounds better than you…)

Of course you can save the mix settings you’ve put together and shoot them over to a friend to do a little showing off…

The point is that the iKlax Remix app lets you do a lot more musical damage than those flailing air guitar arms of you ever did.


And hey - thanks Major Tong for the free ringtone option that’s included. Good stuff!