iPhone Tips: iPhone Usage

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Know Thy Self

The iPhone is one of the most self-aware cell phones and mobile devices on the market. This means that it maintains the knowledge of its own use better than almost any other comparable device. Since it is a full software-capable machine with a multimedia section, you will often want to check what you have internally, which you do with the iPhone About feature. What if you just want to see what kind of phone activity has occurred on an iPhone? Now there is a way.

iPhone Settings

When you are at the iPhone Home desktop, select Settings. When in the iPhone Settings go down to the top of the third segment and select General. Inside General Stay in the top section and select Usage, which is right under the iPhone About section where you go to see what is in your iPhone.

iPhone Usage

The iPhone Usage section will give you a few blocks of information about what has occurred on the iPhone. The top section will give you the usage since last time charged, and the amount of time that the iPhone was on standby. The next section will break down your iPhone call time into that for your current period and lifetime. Below that is Cellular Network Data, which will show how much you have both sent and received.


The very bottom of the iPhone Usage section will be a Reset Statistics button. This iPhone Usage reset is important because you will not be able to estimate the statistics given here in a relative time period. For example, for those who have never reset their iPhone Usage readings the Current Period of Call Time and their Lifetime of Call Time will be exactly the same. If you want to estimate iPhone Usage for a set period of time then you need to reset before this begins.


The actual usefulness of the iPhone Usage feature is dependent on how you approach the device. This is a very good feature if you are international and can only use a certain amount of Call Time and Cellular Network Data. This is also a great feature for parents who want to monitor their child’s overall usage. This is great for monitoring when combined with the restrictions and passcode. This is also important for estimating the value of your phone service.