Tips on Cleaning Your iPhone Headphone Jack

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iPhone Attack

The iPhone is a device that often maintains constant motion in people’s life. It goes from pocket to desk to bag to car, and everywhere else in a person’s life. This often causes it to getting dirty and damaged over time. This possible interference can actually occur in areas of which you are not readily aware.

Most people try to protect the iPhone’s sensitive touch screen, but forget that there are open orifices on the iPhone that can be subject to outside irritants. The iPhone’s headphone jack is often left unprotected, even from iPhone protective cases. This is done so that you have easy access to the headphone jack at all time. It is useful to keep it open, but you still need to clean in there and protect as best as possible. Here are some tips for protecting your iPhone’s headphone slot.

iPhone Case

The best iPhone protection tip is to buy a good case. With the headphone slot in mind, try to find one that covers the headphone circle as well. Many of these will have something to plug into the headphone slot that you pull out when you want to use it.

Clean It Out

Cleaning the iPhone headphone jack is something that should take place regularly. This can be hard to do because of its depth and its small circumference. Try to use canned air in this hard to reach place, which is something that people often use to clean out their computers. If you can find a soft brush that is used to clean braces on teeth then you may be able to get it into the headphone slot for cleaning.

Keep Away

Avoidance is going to be the best policy over all. Do not leave your iPhone around open dust and do not just let it bounce around your pocket or purse. Take extra good care of it and let it rest in protected locations.

Apple Store

If you do not clean the headphone jack slot regularly, you may begin to notice some interference or lack of receptiveness in your headphones. If this occurs, try to take your iPhone to an Apple store to see if they can open in up and clean it. Do this before it becomes an ingrained problem that can interfere with other iPhone problems.