iPhone International Settings

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Apple International

The iPhone is not yet known for international use, but for American users with international backgrounds there are a number of options.You are not going to be able to customize every area of the iPhone to meet your needs, but you may find that there are a few settings that you can use to adjust in your favor. Some of these iPhone International Settings actually draw on other iPhone Settings, but place them into a single location so that international users know where to go.

Finding the iPhone International

When you are at the iPhone desktop Home select Settings. Go down to the top of the third block and hit General, which is above Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Inside the iPhone General Settings go down to the bottom of the fourth block and select International, which is right under Keyboard.

iPhone Language

The top iPhone International Setting Option is to change the Language. The default for American iPhone users is going to be English, but when you select this you will see a few dozen other languages and dialects that you can put on your iPhone. Once you select the language of your choosing the iPhone will reconfigure to that language, which is a process that often takes a few moments. Once it has applied the setting, everything in the iPhone, as well as iTunes and the App Store, will be in the selected language.

iPhone Keyboard

The next iPhone International Setting is Keyboards. This will give you the same list of different languages and you can select an On/Off switch to the right of them. This is similar to the keyboard selection function that can be found in the iPhone Keyboard Settings. The default language setting is going to be standard non-British English for American iPhone users.

Region Format

The last option in the iPhone International Settings is the Region Format, which will be set as a default of the United States for American iPhone users. There are a number of options for this, but unless you know for sure that you should change this, you may want to stay in the area for which the phone is registered.