iPhone Tips: Tips for Downloading Games and Applications

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Getting Those iPhone Downloads

The App Store is a constantly growing machine with software for almost every need and persuasion. Apple has restricted the market so they have a complete monopoly over the distribution of applications and you have to rely on them to get the variety you need. Since the majority of iPhone applications remain free, you can note that iPhone users are constantly shifting what applications and games they have on their iPhone, especially when it comes to the popular free iPhone games.

If you are constantly downloading freer iPhone games and applications you will begin to notice that it is important to streamline the process by finding the most efficient download methods. Here are some tips for downloading applications onto your iPhone.


The bottom line is that the cleanest way to download iPhone applications from the App Store is to do so on your computer and then sync it to your iPhone. Many iPhone games and applications can only be downloaded this way because of their size, so right there is the main situation. It is going to be faster and will immediately give you a back up for your application in case your iPhone content settings are reset. This is especially important for paid iPhone applications and games, but is also true for free iPhone games.


The next stage that you can use is to employ a Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone to download applications. This is not going to be as efficient as a regular computer connection, but it is your best option while remaining cord-free. Try to get on a major connection, like those seen in government operations and public universities. A secure home connection will do.


The 3G network is really the last resort for downloading iPhone games and applications. It is going to be much slower than any other source, but it can still handle it most of the time. The best way to do this is to wait until you have a very clear signal to begin the download. This means that the number of bars are going to directly affect your download speed. Also, remember not to interfere with the download when it is occurring and to try limit iPhone use until it has finished.