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Storm8 has made including a Help and FAQ page in their free text-based iPhone RPGs a permanent fixture. Instead of looking all around the place to find things like an iMobsters FAQ you can simply look to iMobsters itself to answer many of those questions. This iMobsters FAQ actually comes from Storm8, which means that it will answer many of the questions about gameplay and not those that they do not feel would help you. This makes the iMobsters FAQ page a double-edged sword, each side cutting you with a different edge. Here is a guide to using the iMobsters Help/FAQ mechanism.

iMobsters Help/FAQ

When you are at the iMobsters Home page select Help/FAQ from the right hand column. The iMobsters Help / FAQ will be located directly under My Profile and above Update. Once you are actually in the iMobsters Help/FAQ page you are going to see it broken up into two main areas. These will be familiar to you if you have looked at the Help/FAQ pages for any other of Storm8’s free text-based iPhone RPGs.

At the very top, it will give the web address for the iMobsters forum, which is at The iMobsters forum can be very useful to those who are willing to communicate in a forum environment. Make sure to really wade through the iMobsters forum until you find what you are looking for, as it could be buried under many other posts.

Below the link to the iMobsters forum you will find Game Basics, which lists like an iMobsters blog. This “iMobsters blog” simply goes through every game area, such as missions and equipment, and explains how they work. This section of the iMobsters FAQ can be very useful to novices.

After this will be the second main section of the iMobsters FAQ, which is Common Questions. This follows the FAQ format more clearly by asking questions and then answering them. This is a good place to look to find the answers to more detailed questions, but it remains limited to more complicated and specific ones. At the bottom it gives guidelines for contacting Storm8 for support.

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