How to Start Using your New iPhone

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A New Phone

Learning how to use the new iPhone 3G can be a strenuous task, but its technological features are designed to be fairly intuitive to the average user. What is important is to always keep in mind that this device has a similar design interface as other Apple products.

Add and Update Applications

The first thing you have to know how to do with the iPhone is how to add and update applications. The absolutely easiest method to do this is to use the iTunes software on your computer and sync your iPhone to this application. First you either use the disk that comes with your iPhone to install iTunes, or you go to the Apple website and download the program. Once you install and set up the program you use the USB cord that comes with your iPhone to connect the phone to your computer. Once you do this your iTunes will read the phone and ask if you want to “sync” them, which means simply that iTunes will be able to make changes to the content of the iPhone. When you go to File in the iTunes task bar their will be an option to “sync iPhone.” You just select this and the program and the phone will share their content. Now if you would like to put movies, music, or applications onto your iPhone you can simply import them into iTunes and then sync your iPhone to the program. When this happens all the software and media that are on you iTunes will be transferred onto your iPhone.

For applications, and some media, it is easiest to purchase them off of the iTunes store. There is an option in iTunes that will let you browse their selections and make purchases. They do this by asking you to set up an iTunes account with associated credit card information. You then go through different sections, which are segregated by file types such as music or games, and then purchase them. The cost, which is usually very low, is then taken from your credit or debit card balance and the file is downloaded into your iTunes menu. There you can sync you iTunes to your iPhone and the file will be transferred onto the phone. It is a good idea to plug in your iPhone to your computer once a day and sync it to iTunes, mostly because this is also a way to charge your phone.

Add Applications Through Your Phone

If you do not have a computer you can still do all the same things by going to the iTunes or App Store on the desktop of your phone. These two options will give you the same variety as the iTunes store does, and simply downloads it strait onto your phone without requiring you to use a computer as an intermediary. This can be a lot simpler, but does not allow you to download music and videos as you normally would and simply put them onto your iPhone through syncing.

Continue reading on the second page to find out how to make images larger and change settings on the iPhone.

Make Images Larger

Once you begin finding applications, games, and internet sites you will be using on your iPhone you may find that the text and images on the screen are dramatically small. This is because an entire web page is often being displayed on your touch screen. What you want to do is make everything larger and then just look at select areas of the web pages at a time. To do this you simply place two fingers on the touch screen when viewing the desired page and then drag them away from each other. This will stretch the image and magnify it for you. It will blur for just a moment, then the resolution will adjust to the viewing change and will be just as clear. Now you can use the touch screen to move the viewable page around so you can look at select parts at a time.


Since the iPhone is such a complicated and sensitive hand held device you will want to curtail the settings to your exact specifications. To do this you simply select the Settings application on your main desktop. In here you will fin a variety of different options, from aesthetic to functional settings. Here is where you should coordinate the email application to your personal email and transfer your internet settings/bookmarks from the internet browser you use on your home computer. It is best to change the phone settings, such as the touch screen lock options and screen brightness, so that they fit exactly how your phone should work. Remember, any changes that make your screen brighter or stay illuminated longer before going into sleep modes will result in a shorter battery life.

Be Careful

One of the most important things to remember as you begin to use this new technology is to preserve the device itself as best you can. The touch screen is a major advancement in portable technology, but is still delicate and fragile. The entire phone is sensitive, so make sure to get peripheral items to help protect it.