Tips for Watching Videos on Your iPhone

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Watching Videos on Your iPhone

Watching videos on your iPhone or iPod Touch is going to be a different experience than watching them anywhere else. This is also true if they are video files you have stored in the iPhone’s iPod section or whether you are watching them through a web application, such as YouTube. The iPhone and iPod Touch formats are now highly regarded and used as a major platform for distribution. This has forced the level of quality through the roof, but you still have to compensate for the technology strain that is in place. Theatrical feature films and television programs are rarely composed with mobile or iPhone viewing as a primary transfer method in mind. This leaves many of the images and sounds difficult to perceive in this medium. Here are some tips for watching video files through your iPhone’s iPod.

Watching iPhone Video without Headphones

The first thing you are going to note is the difficulty of hearing it if you are not using headphones. You should always try to use headphones when watching videos on your iPhone, but you can get away with just watching them cleanly on occasion. The first thing is you have to be in an area that has little to no competing sound. This is just going to clutter up the audio landscape and make it next to impossible to hear your iPhone.

The iPhone has surprisingly powerful on board speakers for a cell phone, but they are not that powerful. If you are having trouble hearing them you may want to cup your hands around the back, creating a dome that shoots the sound forward. This will often make it much easier to hear.

iPhone Video Tips

Make sure that the ambient light around you is appropriate to what your needs are in watching the video. You are going to likely need to up the brightness level on your iPhone so that you can see the videos clearly. Do this by going to Settings, selecting Brightness, and then upping the Brightness bar all the way. Try to provide contrast between the light and colors of your environment with the video on the screen. You may want to prop the iPhone up in a stand of sorts, or you can easily make your own by cutting out a slot and viewing square in a disposable cup.

iPhone Battery Life

Both upping the brightness and watching videos on your iPhone are going to compromise the iPhones’ battery life. The iPhone has fine battery life for most calling and game functions, but when it comes to watching videos the battery life is nothing to brag about. If you are already low on power or need the phone to last a long time without charging then watching videos on it should be a low priority.