How to Adjust the iPhone's Screen Brightness Level

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iPhone’s Touch Screen Brightness

The iPhone’s touch screen requires that you be able to see all aspects of the phone, both those that would be conventionally thought of as a display and those used for functions. This puts more burden on your touch screen than screens on more conventional phone, even those of smart phones like the Blackberry.

With the iPhone you have to be able to clearly view both the images that you are trying to see and whatever controls you have to work with. This can be something as simple as the phone number dial pad or a complicated website you are viewing through Safari.

The key to being able to see and interact with the iPhone’s touch screen is getting the brightness at the correct level. There are a number of different issues when it comes to iPhone touch screen brightness, and this also includes the responsiveness the iPhone has to the light around it.

Settings and the Auto-Brightness Feature

The brightness of your iPhone is actually one of the basic aesthetic settings that you have. Go to the iPhone Settings icon on the desktop. Once in Settings go down to Brightness, which is in the second down block of options, directly below Sounds and above Wallpaper. Here is when you are going to get two main options for your iPhone touch screen brightness.

On top is a bar that you can use to choose exactly how bright you want the touch screen to be. The more to the right you go the brighter it will be, and the more you shift it to the left the more you will darken the over all image. Below that is the Auto-Brightness function for the iPhone, which you can choose to either leave On or turn Off.

The iPhone’s Auto-Brightness feature responds to the amount of light that is around the iPhone. If it is very bright outside the Auto-Brightness function will respond by making the image easier to see. If it is dark, it will lower the intensity of the image because you do not need it to be so bright. It lowers the brightness in these situations mainly to save your iPhone’s battery life.

Affect on Battery Life

The main reason to think about brightness is its affect on your iPhone’s battery life. The brighter you have it the more it takes from your iPhone’s battery, so you have to find a nice balance. If you intend on charging your iPhone a lot then you can turn the Auto-Brightness off and bring up the manual brightness to almost full strength. There really is no reason to have it at completely full strength.

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