Using the iPhone's Alarm Function

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iPhone Functions

Even before smart phones were the norm people were employing their cellular phones into every area of their life. Playing music, quick videogames, and basic everyday functions were becoming more central to people’s mobile use. Now that the iPhone and Blackberry have made their own colonization over the culture, we see even more reliance on them for everyday tasks, which then puts a strain of burden on the devices themselves to continue to deliver.

One function that was common place on cell phones far before the iPhone was even released was the inclusion of an internal alarm. You can use this as you would with any alarm clock, which can be used to help you keep appointments or wake up. There is a function for this inside the iPhone’s Calendar that allows you to have an alert for specific events that you have included in your planner. If you just want to apply an alarm without creating a scheduled event then you can do that specifically as well.

iPhone Alarm

Start by looking on the iPhone’s desktop ad find Clock, which is where you set the time code that you want to use. Inside here, you look to the bottom Clock task bar and find Alarm, which is to the left of World Clock and to the right of Stopwatch. Here you will have all the Alarms you have set, but if you have not set any there will be nothing in this list.

Go to the upper right hand corner and you will see the “+” button to add another alarm. Press it and you will have an Add Alarm screen up. Here you can set the alarm to Repeat on specific days of the week, or not at all. You can also choose the type of sound you want and if you want to have the ability to hit Snooze on or off.

For organizational purposes you can try to label the Alarm, but there will only be a single option. At the bottom will be the rolling wheel where you can set the time you want the iPhone Alarm to go off.

iPhone Alarm

When using the iPhone Alarm system you will likely want to turn Snooze off. Snooze will allow you to keep sleeping with just a quick use of the auto-lock reversal. This is very easy to do, so if you are trying to wake up from sleeping you may want to keep it without Snooze.