Tips for iPhone Sound Settings

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The iPhone can be one of the most invasive cacophonies of awkward tweaks and jingles that can wake the most concretely hypnotized mammal. There seems to be a sound for almost anything. Since the iPhone has its hand in almost all forms of communication this can be a constantly returning theme coming from your pocket. Within this context, there is a lot of customization that can be done so that your iPhone sounds off exactly when you feel it should. Here is a guide to changing the sound settings for alert on your iPhone.

iPhone Ringtones and Sound Settings

Start out this iPhone sound process by going into Settings and finding Sound, which is the second block from the top directly above Brightness. Here is where you can change the different sound settings for specific alert situations. At the very top, you can select whether or not you want the iPhone to vibrate when it is on silent. Below that is the Ring section and you can also select whether or not you want it to vibrate when the ringer is up. Below this, you can set the volume of the ring and the type of iPhone Ringtone you want. There is a solid selection of iPhone Ringtones available to you right away, though all of the stock iPhone Ringtones are fairly generic. If you want to get more iPhone Ringtones you are going to have to add them through your iTunes account.

New Voicemail

Below the iPhone Ringtone selection option will be a place to select a tone for text messages and whether or not your want a sound indication of a New Voicemail, as well as a number of other alerts.

iPhone Alerts and Vibrate

The decisions made here are dependent on whether or not you want any sound from your iPhone. If you prefer silence you should set vibrate as On for both the Silent and Ring settings and then bring down the sound level on Ring to zero. From here, you can also set all the sound alerts to Off. Go through these different options specifically and then decide which ones you would like to get alerts for, though this should be only for the general ones.

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