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iPhone Auto-Lock

The touch screen on the iPhone has a burden attached to it that more primitive mobile phones do not. The entire dynamic of cellular phone use, not to mention personal devices, has climbed to a new plateau. With this is almost endless options in terms of use and possible applications, but much of our more practical care of the device has not come that far. In this way, the touch screen can be an awkward annoyance that forcefully makes calls with the smallest accidental brush of the leg. Because of this, Apple has set it to have an Auto Lock function that prevents the normal iPhone desktop from being available at all times.

Instead, there is a base screen with a wallpaper graphic that you set and then you have to slide a bar at the bottom of the screen to open up the iPhone. This presents a double layer of protection that requires you to both hit the iPhone Home button and then slide the lock. Though this Auto Lock is an important iPhone function, there still is room to customize it to your exact specifications.

iPhone Settings

When you are at the main iPhone desktop page, go to Settings. Once you are in Settings go to the third block of options from the top and select General, which is on the top of this section above Mail, Contact and Calendars. The General Settings section will allow you to alter things like the Network, Date and Time, and Bluetooth. The third block of options in the General option will have the Auto Lock functions. The top one will set the period of time that the Auto Lock will take to come into effect.

The Auto Lock time period is already set at three minutes, though this may be less time than most people would like. You can also take the Auto Lock altogether by selecting Never, which is the bottom option.

iPhone Security

If you want even more security than just the regular iPhone Auto Lock you can select Passcode Lock. Here you select an iPhone Passcode for you to enter when you first open the phone. This Passcode is just another feature to push on top of the Auto Lock.

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