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Though it may be a little excessive for most uses, the iPhone continues the Apple motif of presenting your home photos in a slideshow setting. This type of self-contained entertainment presentation may not be useful for most situations, but if you feel the need to flash through a series of photos this way you can do it strait from your pocket on the touch screen.

It is not standard to just rely on what was set up ahead of times in terms of technical settings, even though they do not make it easy for you. Here is a guide on how to customize the photo slideshow settings on your iPhone.

iPhone Photo Settings

Go find the Settings icon, which will likely be on the first page of your iPhone desktop. The third block of options will have the built in iPhone applications, which is where you will find Photo directly above Store.

Once you select Photo, you will be given a series of options on how to customize your photo slideshow on the iPhone. Here you can change the period of time each photo is on the touch screen, the type of transition you want to use, and whether or not you are going to apply Repeat or Shuffle.

Slideshow Standards and Changes

The standard iPhone photo slideshow settings employ a three-second period of time for each photo to rest on the screen and a dissolve transition between each picture. Three seconds is usually considered the base standard for people being able to appreciate an image fully. Four or five seconds may also be acceptable, but any less will not give the image enough screen time to get the picture fully interpreted. You also have the option to keep the image on screen for ten or twenty seconds, which is too long for almost any practical situation.

The dissolve transition is the most common video transition in all media and therefore is the least obvious. It is the only available transition that will not draw attention to itself, but if you would like to then you can go ahead with the wipe. The wipe is good for comic effect, so make sure that the photo slideshow is conducive to this type of presentation.

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