Official Flickr App for the iPhone & iPod Touch

Official Flickr App for the iPhone & iPod Touch
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Flickr - The Official App

Though the iPhone has been a thriving photographic tool and hundreds of apps have come out to make use of the camera, Flickr, a leading photo sharing site did not have have any presence on the iPhone or iPod touch. I’m a flickr user myself and I had turned to several other apps that filled the void of flickr integration. Finally, Flickr has now come out with an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with pretty much a basic but effective feature set. To start, the welcome interface of the app is just mindblowing - once you enter in the account information, every time you open the app the home screen displays a gorgeous slideshow of images related to your account, be it from contacts, your pictures and so on. The slideshow effect is fabulous and is sure to blow away anybody who sees it for the first time on the device.

Shoot & Upload photos - The Flickr app provides the ability to shoot and upload pictures from your iPhone. On the iPod Touch you can upload existing images in your device to flickr. The app integrates with the camera effortlessly on the iPhone and makes it a wonderful tool to share your photography on flickr. This makes faithful Flickr users, have more fun with pictures shot exclusivel for Flickr, since the camera interface has to be accessed from within the Flickr app.

Official Flickr App

More Flickr - Geotagging and Location Awareness

View photos by sets and tags - Browsing your images on Flickr is also pretty much a breeze with the new app. You can load your pictures according to sets or tags by which they are organised or use the normal view which takes you through the flickr page. There is also the capability to just view a quick page full of thumbnails and then tap on a picture to view it in all its glory. This is a very comfortable option than browsing through the flickr webpages on the mobile Flickr site.Viewing photos from contacts & friends is as simple as tapping on their name from the contacts/friends list which immediately takes you to a display of their photostream, again as a classical Flickr page or the thumbnail view.

Ability to add comments to photos is a definitely worthy feature, given that now Flickr users will be uploading more pictures shot with their iPhone on to their Flickr stream. Searching for photos is as well available making the app a good companion to more frequent Flickr users. Finally the app also takes advantage of the location awareness feature of the iPhone and helps in adding geocode information to the photos uploaded, also allows you to browse images shot nearby your current location.Should be a wonderful feature for tourists and photography enthusiasts.

I did notice some quirks with the app like it adds the date on which it was uploaded as the date on which the photo was shot, which is frankly bugging…also gecoding somehow adds the location from which the photo was uploaded rather than the location where it was shot! But the app is constantly being updated and I am sure by the time this article comes out the minor quirks that I’ve mentioned might already been ironed out. So if you are Flickr user, you definitely deserve the official flickr app.