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Controlling Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars from Zynga prides itself on being one of the most accommodating of all the free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs available. Part of this is its connection with its Facebook version, but also by the fact that you can alter the basic media of the game itself. Here are some tips for dealing with Options inside Mafia Wars for the iPhone.

Mafia Wars Options

When you first open up Mafia Wars on your iPhone you are going to see a top graphical display, as well as nine options below that. Go ahead and find the Mafia Wars Options button, which is in the lower right hand corner. This puts the Options at the bottom of the left hand column right below News.

Once inside the Mafia Wars Options you are going to see a number of different things that you can do to change, each one that has a basic on and off switch. Through the Mafia Wars Options you can turn off and on sounds, the vibration in response to losing a fight, the vibrate when different points are regenerated back to full, the ability to receive an email to the attached email account for every Mafia Wars invitation, a weekly email about your Mafia Wars progress, and more emails about Mafia Wars news. Each of these you can simply just switch to off whenever you feel like. Once you do change the on / off setting you just hit the Done button at the bottom to ensure the action and bring you back to the main Mafia Wars home screen.

Mafia Wars Tips

The choice about what you want to change in the Mafia Wars Options is yours, but many of the settings seem inspired for change. The first thing to look at is whether you want to receive any emails or not. These emails can end up cluttering your inbox, and even the most committed Mafia Wars player may not want to continue getting all these. This is especially true for emails concerning Mafia Wars invitations, which you will receive a lot of if you may your Player ID well known. The Mafia Wars invitations may come in a large volume and can stack up. Most people will want to shut off all Mafia Wars emails all together.

The other options are for turning off sounds and different vibrations. These are not central to Mafia Wars gameplay and may be both distracting and noisy when trying to play discreetly. If you feel that these will enhance your experience then you can keep them, but for those who want to play quickly and quietly then these should be turned off.

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