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Gangster Money

Mobsters: Big Apple is a shiny, expensive, version of the gangster themed MMO text-based iPhone RPGs that we have been seeing for months. Many of the features remain the same in Mobsters: Big Apple, including the use friend codes called Playdom Ids, a cheat code system under the title Favor Points, and even a hospital to pay to heal your Mobsters: Big Apple character. A Mobsters: Big Apple Bank is also included here, to keep it in line with the features found in all of the gangster themed MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. Here are some tips for using the Mobsters: Big Apple Bank.

Mobsters: Big Apple Bank

Go ahead and find Bank in the lower task bar, which is to the right of Business and to the left of Hospital. Once in the Mobsters: Big Apple Bank you will see a minimalist set up with buttons for Deposit and Withdrawal at the tops, as these are separate windows you go in. Instead of conducting all of your Bank business in one design, you decide what action you would like to engage in and you select that at the top.

Both the Deposit and Withdrawal sections of the Mobsters: Big Apple Bank look relatively similar. At the top will be your Bank Balance, followed by a text box for you to enter the amount you would like to Deposit or Withdraw. Below that will be a button to complete the transaction. Like Banks in all MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, there is a ten percent fee taken out of deposits while withdrawals remain free.

Mobsters: Big Apple Tips

Like similar titles, Mobsters: Big Apple requires you to use your Bank Balance to pay for the bill at the Hospital. This is the primary function of the Mobsters: Big Apple Bank, but you can also protect your money from attacking players. The reality is that even though the deposit fee is low compared to some games, it is still high enough to make it a bad choice most of the time.

If you are being attacked quite a bit you may want to consider it, but do a calculation first. Take the probability of being attacked and multiply it by the average amount of money taken when you do. If that is higher then the ten percent fee that you will pay to the Mobsters: Big Apple Bank, then it may be a good idea for your particular situation. Early on this is usually not a great choice since all of your money should be going strait to real estate and should not have much of a shelf life.

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