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The main focus of Ninjas III, and any MMO text-based iPhone RPG made by PlayMesh or one of their competitors, is to purchase property. The reason for this is that you need to get a significant source of income that comes streaming while you are not even actively playing. Ninjas III Missions and Fights can source you income, but they will force experience points on you and will not even come close to what Properties will.

Ninjas III, as is true with most PlayMesh free iPhone games, has a much different system for Properties than most MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, and therefore you have to know some of the design specifics and strategies. Here are some tips for using Ninjas III Properties.

Ninjas III Properties

You will find Properties right under Fights and above Elders when you are in the vertical Portrait view of Ninjas III. When you are in Ninjas III Properties, you are going to see that at the bottom there are two buttons: Undeveloped and Establishments. This should be familiar to those who have played free iPhone games from PlayMesh before.

For each Establishment you have to have an Undeveloped property to build it on. Each type of Establishment has a type of Undeveloped lot that it can be built on. Therefore, you buy a certain amount of Undeveloped plots and then you buy the same amount of Establishments that coincide with those plots. There are several different types of Establishments for each type of Undeveloped land. Each piece of property then gives you an income about each hour, depending on what type of character you chose.

Ninjas III Clan Members and PlayMesh Points

What is somewhat different about the Ninjas III Properties system is that you are required to have Ninjas III Clan Members to be able to control the properties. Each Ninjas III Clan Member can control up to three Establishments, but once you have filled up the slots for control you have to go purchase more Clan Members from the Elders. Ninjas III Clan Members get more expensive as you purchase them, so the best deal you will find will be to use Ninjas III PlayMesh Points on them. For twenty Ninjas III PlayMesh Points you can get two Clan Members, which is by far the best deal for the Ninjas III PlayMesh Points.

As you buy property, you will have to buy Ninjas III Clan Members, but do not buy too many Clan Members without the associated property. The most important bulk of money should always go toward buying more from the Ninjas III Properties. You can buy as many Undeveloped pieces as you want without getting more Ninjas III Clan Members.

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