Epic Pet Wars Tips: Game Updates

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Epic Pet Wars Game Updates

Once you are ready to utilize the Epic Pet Wars Game Updates, start out by remaining in the main My Pet area where your pet and the Item Shop are. If you look below the moving icon of your pet, you are going to find a belt of areas to affect your character, such as Weapon and Armor. This lists exactly what is on your Epic Pet Wars pet to begin with. Below this is a rotating bar of different things for within Epic Pet Wars, starting with options to look at your Posse, Profile, Settings, and Game Updates for Epic Pet Wars. Just select Game Updates from that that list and you will be taken to a news list in a semi-blog format. Here you can browse all the news items that relate to Epic Pet Wars Update.

Epic Pet Wars Twitter

At the very top of the Epic Pet Wars Game Updates, below the title of “Latest Game News & Updates,” will be a button that says Follow EPW on Twitter. This button is a link to the Epic Pet Wars Twitter page, which is a good place to look for Epic Pet Wars news and Epic Pet Wars update information. This works especially well because you are able to look at the Epic Pet Wars Twitter page inside the Epic Pet Wars game. You are not forced into the iPhone’s Safari to view the Epic Pet Wars Twitter page. Much of what is on the Epic Pet Wars Twitter page is announcements of different Epic Pet Wars achievements, but there are some kernels of information that you will find useful.

Update and Free Respect Points Information

You are not going to see things in the Epic Pet Wars Game Updates section that is worthwhile at all times. Much of the information will not pertain to your Epic Pet Wars account and will often be about other people’s faulty accounts, as well as information explaining reasons that updates have been delayed. As of September 2009 the Epic Pet Wars 1.5 update has been rejected by Apple and the developers of Epic Pet Wars have re-submitted their application. Keep aware of this information and look out for upcoming free Respect Points packages that should be released relatively soon.

iTunes’ App Store

Using the Epic Pet Wars Game Updates feature should not be your only avenue for checking for Epic Pet Wars Updates or free Respect Points. Make sure to check the iTunes’ App Store for updates or free Respect Points packages as they are released.

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