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Ninjas III Competition

The competitive nature of Ninjas III is what makes the game worth playing past the first few levels. Each player is trying to get to the top of the Ninjas III Leaderboard, each one having statistics that outshine your neighbor. For those that really want to spite specific players Ninjas III include a classic feature that has become a staple of MMO text-based iPhone RPGs.

In Ninjas III you have the ability to place a Bounty on another Ninjas III player, then placing them on the Ninjas III Hitlist. Here is a guide, and series of tips, for placing a Bounty on another Ninjas III player.

Ninjas III Bounty

Go into the Ninjas III Fight section and find a Ninjas III player that you want to place the Bounty on. Press on the bar with that character o it and you will get two buttons: Fight and Details. Hit the Details button and you will be taken to a page with that Ninjas III profile.

When you look at that players Stats page you are going to see how much placing a Ninjas III Bounty on them will cost right below their rank. At the bottom of the screen you are going to see a Fight menu of buttons. These buttons include Fight, Kick, and Hitlist for the amount that the Bounty costs. Hit the Hitlist button and you will be asked to Confirm the hit on that Ninjas III player, and once you do they will be added to the Ninjas III Hitlist.

Ninjas III Royal Guard

If you want to begin attacking Ninjas III players that have Bounties on them select Royal Guard. The Ninjas III Royal Guard is highlighted in purple, above the teal highlighted Daily Unlock and below the Elders, where you use Ninjas III PlayMesh Points.

Once you are in the Ninjas III Royal Guard select the Hitlist button at the bottom to view it. Here you can find the Ninjas III player that you want to fight and possibly collect a bounty.

Ninjas III Tips

Placing Ninjas III Bounties on players is expensive and not worth much. If you are early in the Ninjas III gameplay this is not what you should spend your money on. If you are going to do this, make sure that it is a difficult Ninjas III player so that it will be worth the cost.

If you want to raise your own number of Ninjas III Bounty kills you should find weak Ninjas III players and attack them until they are hospitalized. Then place a Bounty on them, go into the Hitlist, and attack them to collect your own Bounty. Avoid fighting Ninjas III players with Bounties early on because they are often difficult.

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