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Ninjas III PlayMesh Decision

Ninjas III extends PlayMesh’s use of an internal friending system. PlayMesh’s Ninjas III actually requires you to pay for your Clan Member instead of adding other Ninjas III players to your clan. Instead, Ninjas III treats Clan Members like a commodity that you have to purchase. Here is a guide to, and some tips for, adding Clan Members to your Ninjas III account.

Ninjas III Clan Members

What you are going to do is go to the same location that you would to spend Ninjas III PlayMesh Points. Go to the vertical Portrait view in Ninjas III and select Elders, which is above Royal Guard and below Properties. Make sure that the Elders Offers button at the bottom is selected instead of PlayMesh Deals. Here you are going to see a number of options for Ninjas III PlayMesh Points.

At the top of the PlayMesh Points offer there will be a bar that says, “Hire a clan member” with a price to its right. Press it, and then hit the Confirm Payment that comes up. You then purchase the Ninjas III Clan Member for the price that is listed.

Ninjas III PlayMesh Points

You can also use some of your PlayMesh Points to buy Ninjas III Clan Members. Two slots below the “Hire a clan member” bar you will find a bar that says, “Elders offer you 2 clan members” for a price of twenty Ninjas III PlayMesh Points. Just go ahead and purchase these for the twenty PlayMesh Points the same way that you did above with buying the Clan Members above.

Ninjas III Tips

The best use of your Ninjas III PlayMesh Points is going to be on Ninjas III Clan Members. The reason for this is that Ninjas III Clan Members get gradually more expensive the more you purchase. You have to purchase these both because a single Clan Member can only control three pieces of property, so you have to keep purchasing them so that you can continue investing. As the price goes up you are going to find that the primary expense that you have is on Ninjas III Clan Members. You should use the majority of your Ninjas III PlayMesh Points, then, on Ninjas III Clan Members.

When you are buying Ninjas III Clan Members the normal way, try to not buy too many at one time. The most important place you put your money is in real estate, but Clan Members are required for real estate. With this in mind you want to buy as many pieces of real estate as you can without purchasing more Ninjas III Clan Members, then buy more when you are told to. This is the best balance and lets you put your available money into real estate.

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