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Ninjas III Tips

Ninjas III acknowledges that there is an irrefutable link between both the Bank and the Hospital in PlayMesh MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. The Ninjas III Bank is where you put your money to protect it from outside Ninjas III attackers, and the Ninjas III Hospital so that you can pay to heal yourself. In Ninjas III, both the Bank and the Hospital has been put under the banner of the Ninjas III Services. Here are some tips for using the Ninjas III Services.

Ninjas III Services

When you are in the vertical Portrait view of Ninjas III select Services, which is under the teal highlighted Daily Unlock and above PlayMesh. When you open up the Ninjas III Services, you can select either Hospital or Bank depending on the button on the bottom.

Ninjas III Bank

If you select the Ninjas III Bank you get a common PlayMesh Bank view. In the center is a text box where you can either enter the amount of money you want to deposit in the Ninjas III Bank or the amount you wish to withdraw from it. There are buttons here for Deposit, Withdraw, Deposit All, or Withdraw All, depending on what you want to do. You do not need to enter an amount if you use Deposit All or Withdraw All.

Here you have to make sure that the deposit that you want to make is less than or equal to how much free Ninjas III money you have, and the withdrawal must be equal to or less than the balance of your Ninjas III Bank account. There is a ten percent fee taken out of the Ninjas III Bank deposits that you make.

Ninjas III Hospital

If you hit the Hospital button and the bottom left and you will be taken to the Ninjas III Hospital. If you have a full health bar then the Ninjas III Hospital will just say, “You don’t need the healer.” If you are less than full then you will be able to use the Ninjas III Hospital, which will just be a blue Heal button in the center of the screen and the cost to heal yourself above that.

You cannot use free money in the Ninjas III Hospital. Instead, you have to use the balance from the Ninjas III Bank to pay your bill, so make sure before you try to use the healer that the Heal Cost is equal to or less than your balance in the Ninjas III Bank.

Services Tips

Using the Ninjas III Hospital is a little expensive, and once you add on the ten percent deposit fee for the Ninjas III Bank to the mix you will find that it is very costly. Usually you will not need to use your Ninjas III Bank in the first place, but keep a little in there for rare occasions that you will actually have to use the Ninjas III Hospital.

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