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Welcome to Ninjas the 3rd

The third generation of PlayMesh has creeped its way over to Ninjas, and now Ninjas III is employing the same step up that happened with iMafia III. Since PlayMesh makes its money by selling PlayMesh Points for its different titles this feature is perfectly in tact for Ninjas III. Here are some tips for using PlayMesh Points in PlayMesh’s Ninjas III.

Ninjas III Elders

When you are in the vertical Portrait view in Ninjas III just go to Elders, which will be highlighted in yellow. This will be sitting directly above the Properties, where you invest in real estate, and above the Royal Guard, which contains both the hitlist and leaders. If you are in the horizontal Landscape view, you are going to see the biggest difference between Ninjas III and Ninjas II. The city here is different, but you can still access the Ninjas III PlayMesh Points area in the Elders. This is in the relative center of the city just to the right of Services and above Properties. Dealing with Ninjas III PlayMesh Points in the vertical Portrait view is going to be much easier.

Spending Ninjas III PlayMesh Points

Here you are going to see the standard menu for the Ninjas III Elders. At the very top it is going to list how many Ninjas III PlayMesh Points you have. Below that, you are going to have the option to buy a Clan Member for regular price, and then there will be a series of options for spending your Ninjas III PlayMesh Points. These include things like buying a changing amount of money for ten Ninjas III PlayMesh Points and buying two Clan Members for twenty Ninjas Live PlayMesh Points.

The cash amount changes as you go through Ninjas III, and the cost of Ninjas III Clan Members goes up the more you have so later on this deal is worth much more. You just select the option you want by pressing on it, turning it into a Confirm Payment button. After this, you press it again and you have then purchased the item you wanted for the established amount of Ninjas Live PlayMesh Points.

Buying PlayMesh Points

If you press the PlayMesh Deals button at the bottom of the Ninjas III Elders screen instead of the Elders Offers button, you will be taken to a place where you can purchase Ninjas III PlayMesh Points. Here you will see a few different options for Ninjas III PlayMesh Points packages. Just select the one you want and you will be taken to the iTunes' App Store page for that Ninjas III PlayMesh Points package. From here, you treat the PlayMesh Points package as you would with any pay iPhone application.

Once you download the Ninjas III PlayMesh Points package to your iPhone just open it and you will automatically open up Ninjas III with the PlayMesh Points attached. You can also buy them directly from the App Store from your computer terminal by searching for them specifically in the Power Search.

Ninjas III PlayMesh Points Tips and Free PlayMesh Points

Ninjas III PlayMesh Points are expensive so you should spend them wisely. You will get some free PlayMesh Points when you install Ninjas III, and you can expect some more free PlayMesh Points soon, but usually you are going to have to pay for them. You should avoid paying for Ninjas Live PlayMesh Points whenever possible and instead try to wait for free PlayMesh Points.

When spending your points, whether they were free PlayMesh Points or you paid for them, the first priority should be to spend them on Clan Members. Ninjas III Clan Members get more expensive consistently, and you have to have them to control Properties and fight other Ninjas III players, so the more you can get for free, the better.

After that, you can use your Ninjas III PlayMesh Points on money, especially early on when you are trying to get money without leveling up. Never waste your Ninjas III PlayMesh Points on things like changing your name, as these are expensive and do not help you in the game.

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