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Heroes Healer

Though Heroes is one of PlayMesh’s most interesting titles, it still has a healing system that is familiar to the other PlayMesh games. Just as with the rest you can be limited in Heroes if you have lowered your health points from fighting. Here are a few tips for using the Healer in Heroes from PlayMesh.

Working with the Healer

When you open up PlayMesh’s Heroes turn your iPhone on its side so that you can look at in the panoramic Landscape view, which lets you look at a few graphical panels horizontally. Go ahead and select Healer, which is in the right hand panel and is on the blue planet and just to the left of Justice Force.

Inside the Heroes Healer you are going to see a familiar interface. If you are at full health in your Heroes account you will not be able to do any thing. In the center of the screen you will just see a line of red text that reads “You don’t need the healer.” If you are at less than full health then you are going to see a blue button in the center that says Restore.

Above it the red text has been transformed into the price that it will take to restore the health of your Heroes account. You are going to have to use the Heroes Vault to pay for the cost of the Healer. You are not able to use just the free cash that you have in your Heroes account. This process is similar to all other PlayMesh games, and Heroes just continues that process. First you have to deposit some cash in the Heroes Vault. Inside the Heroes Healer you are going to see green text that lists your current Vault Balance. This is the amount of money that you have free in the Heroes Vault. As long as the Restore Cost is less or equal to the entire Heroes Vault Balance you will be able to use it.

Heroes Tips

Using the Heroes Healer needs to only be for special occasions. Your Heroes player will heal on its own so there is little reason to pay this money to do this. Not only is the Heroes Healer expensive, but since you can only use money from the Heroes Vault you are also subject to the ten percent deposit fee. This makes it rare that it will be in your economic best interests, so you should save it for when cash is not your top priority. This is usually when you are looking to raise your fighting statistics.

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