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Who’s on Top?

The Hitlist in iMafia III, and all the other incarnations of iMafia, is where you see the players that have had bounties placed on them. This is a ranking list that will show difficult prospects on moth iMafia III players, mainly because of the difficulty in battle. Here are some tips for both fighting iMafia III players on the Hitlist and on placing bounties on other players.

Using the iMafia III Hitlist

When you are in the iMafia III portrait view find Police, which is highlighted in purple and is directly above the the Daily Unlock that is highlighted in a pastel green. Once you select the iMafia III Police you will have two options at the bottom of the screen: Hitlist or Leaderboard. Select Hitlist at the bottom and you will see the list of iMafia III players with bounties already placed on them. You will see the iMafia III player with they’re name, the name of the iMafia III player that placed the bounty, and then the price of the bounty that you will receive upon completion. When you select them you will be given the option to just fight or check the details of the characters.

Setting iMafia III Bounty

When you want to place a bounty on a Mafia III player go into the Fights section and find a player that you would like to place a bounty on. Press down on the player you want and you will be given the Fight and Details button. Select Details and you will be given their statistical profile, but below their Rank will be the price of their bounty. Look at the bottom of the screen and on the right hand side will be a blue button that will allow you to put them on the iMafia III Hitlist for a select amount of money.

Hitlist Tips

Early on placing bounties on other iMafia III players is useless. It costs money and will not make you stronger or help you progress through iMafia III. Instead you should wait until the competitive nature of the later levels comes into play. If you are going to fight an iMafia III character on the Hitlist go ahead and check their Details very closely. Make sure that they have less mafia members than you as a less impressive set of weapons. This is all in an effort to make sure that there is not much competition between you.

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