How to Prevent Your iPhone From Overheating

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Apple has been unable to deny the recent reports that many newly purchased iPhone 3Gs models are overheating. This is an unfortunate feature of the iPhone 3Gs, which shows some of its profound faults only disguised by its crowd-pleasing features. There are a few standard ways that there are to avoid overheating your iPhone 3.0, and Apple recommends many of these.

Is It Too Hot?

The first thing you have to do is recognize if your iPhone 3Gs is actually overheating. There are a number of different consequences from an overheated iPhone 3Gs, yet some of them may sound like common iPhone 3Gs malfunctions. If the backlight starts to become a little dimmer, you may be experiencing an iPhone 3Gs temperature problem.

The best way to notice this is if you are in a lighting condition that would not inspire the iPhone 3Gs background to dim. If you are in the middle of charging your iPhone 3Gs and notice that it suddenly stopped this could be the reason, though it is important to check the power connection to the iPhone 3Gs before assuming as much. iPhone 3Gs overheating could also be responsible for limiting calling ability, even preventing all but emergency calls.


The best way to deal with iPhone 3Gs overheating is to prevent it all together. The best way to keep the iPhone temperature within a nice balance is to try to keep it between thirty-five and ninety degrees Fahrenheit at all times. If your iPhone 3Gs is going to be in a high heat location try to avoid memory intensive programs or continual charging. Do not leave it in your car during a hot day or in any other heat intensifying location.

It is really important to keep your iPhone 3Gs away from incredibly humid locations, especially steam. This can both overheat your iPhone 3Gs and get water inside. If you do find your iPhone 3Gs getting over hot then simply turn it off and put it in a cool and dry location. Do not worry if you find it getting a little warm because this is not immediately a sign that your iPhone 3Gs is overheating.