Racing Live Tips: Checking for Updates Internally

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Racing Live Updates

Racing Live is one of the most enduring or all the Storm8 games, mostly because of the large numbers of updates and free Prestige Points that are handed out. Most Racing Live players will check online and in the iTunes’ App Store on a regular basis to see if any updates or free Prestige Points packages have been made available. As part of the renovated Racing Live design, you can actually check out updates for this free iPhone game right from inside it.

Updates List

When you are in the main Racing Live Home screen look to the second column and select Updates, which is at the bottom of the column right below Help / FAQ. In this Racing Live Updates series you will see a list of what are essentially news stories explaining updates that have occurred to the Racing Live software. Each of these Racing Live Updates will be listed with a date and then exactly what the update included. This can be small things such as new real estate added and new cars to new functionality and who won free Prestige Points for being the two millionth person to download Racing Live. There will often be links to the features that were updated. For example, on the August 13th update there was a new crew screen added. The text in Updates will tell you what it did and there will be a link to the crew screen where you can see the update.

Update Tips

This Racing Live Updates list is great for finding out exactly what is happening with this game. This includes features that will come out, things that come with the iPhone 3.0 or iPhone 3Gs, and a number of other things. You do not really get direct links to Racing Live Update or free Prestige Points downloads, but it does tell about what they do as well as inform you about more common Racing Live Updates. You may also want to continue to scour the App Store for free Prestige Points as they do not list these on a regular basis. The best reason to use this feature is to know what is changing in Racing Live so you can update your gameplay style.

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