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Hitting the Pavement

Street Racers is one of the most long-standing titles in the PlayMesh arsenal. As such, it stands a main focal point of their PlayMesh Points sale efforts. With Street Racers PlayMesh Points you are able to buy your way into different game parts that usually require you to work and wait. Here are some tips for Street Racers PlayMesh Points.

Using PlayMesh Points in Sponsors

When you open Street Racers into the vertical portrait view go to Sponsors, which will be highlighted yellow, sitting below Real Estate, and above Police. Once you are in the Street Racers Sponsors make sure the Sponsors Offers button is selected at the bottom of the display. At the top of the Sponsors screen, it will list how many Street Racers PlayMesh Points you have. Below will be a number of offers where you can spend your Street Racers PlayMesh Points, such as on money or crew members. If you want one of these Sponsor Offers you press it, which turns it into a Confirm Payment button. Press this button and you will purchase the selected item for the stated number of Street Racer PlayMesh Points.

Buying PlayMesh Points

If you want to buy more Street Racers PlayMesh Points simply press the PlayMesh Deals button, which is to the right of the Sponsor Offers button in the Sponsors screen. This will take you to a number of different Street Racers or Race Wars, PlayMesh Points packages that you can buy. There will also be a PlayMesh Points package for Wizards here. Just select the Street Racers PlayMesh Points package you want and you will be taken to the App Store to buy it. After it has downloaded to your iPhone you just need to open it up and your Street Racers account will load up with the new PlayMesh Points included.

Street Racers Tips

Spending PlayMesh Points is almost always universal. Go for crew members first as they get more expensive as you go through the game and you are always going to need them. After that money is a great choice because any opportunity to get money without gaining experience points is great. Always save your PlayMesh Points until later in the game when crew members are very expensive and you also get more money for set amounts of PlayMesh Points.

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