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A Few Dollars More

Wild West is one of the more interesting, and overlooked, of all of the PlayMesh MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. Its cowboy theme sets it apart from the masses, but like the other PlayMesh titles Wild West still acts as a vessel for selling PlayMesh Points for cheating. Here is a guide to PlayMesh Points, tips for how to spend them and even how to get some free PlayMesh Points.

How to Use Wild West PlayMesh Points

When you are at the Wild West main screen in vertical portrait mode find The Outlaws, which is below Real Estate and above the Sheriff. Once you are in the Wild West The Outlaws you will see how many PlayMesh Points you have at the top. Below will be different options for spending your Wild West PlayMesh Points. These will be things like getting free money, adding Outlaws to your Wild West account or refilling energy bars. When you find one you want press it, and it will turn into a blue Confirm Payment button. Press it again and you will buy it for the set amount of PlayMesh Points.

Buying Wild West PlayMesh Points

If you go to the bottom of the Wild West The Outlaws you will see the PlayMesh Deals button, which is what you select if you want to buy more Wild West PlayMesh Points. Here you will see a number of Wilde West PlayMesh Points packages, as well as a PlayMesh Points package for Wizards. Once you find a Wild West PlayMesh Points package select it and you will be taken to that PlayMesh Points package in the App Store. Here you can buy, download and install it to give you the PlayMesh Points in your Wild West account.

Wild West Tips

The main focus of your Wild West PlayMesh Points should always be on gang members. These get exponentially more expensive as you add more in Wild West and so any opportunity to get them without paying for them is good. Other than this, you should focus in your Wild West PlayMesh Points on free money. This can help early on when you are not leveling up.

Free PlayMesh Points

Free PlayMesh Points packages are a main focus of PlayMesh’s effort to attract players to their games. They have released free PlayMesh Points promotional packages for many of their other games, like iMafia II, Ninjas II, Star Command, Heroes and Military Might. Expect a free PlayMesh Points package for Wild West very soon, and make sure you monitor the App Store on a weekly basis.

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