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Showing off Military Might on the Battlefield

Military Might, though not the most original of all the PlayMesh MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, is one of a solid platform. Within the PlayMesh framework Military Might is the same as the rest with its own unique motif painted over it. With this, you may expect some similar features to other PlayMesh titles like iMafia II, Warbots, and iPirates. Though you do not actually add other Military Might players to your account to add commanders you do have to engage with them on the battlefield. Fighting other Military Might players is a central part of the game, especially once you get into the later levels. Here is a guide on how to fight other Military Might players and some tips for winning your battles.

Fighting in Military Might

When you are in the main vertical portrait view in Military Might go ahead and find Battlefield, which is above Properties and below Barracks. If you are in the horizontal landscape Military Might view then it is going to be in the northern section of South America. Once you are in the Military Might Battlefield you will see a series of Military Might players with their name, type, and level listed. When you press down on the possible opponent you will see two blue buttons appear. Battle will just allow you to attack that player, and then the results of that attack will come back with a win or loss. The other one is Details and will take you to a profile of the Military Might player you are seeing on the Battlefield.

Military Might Tips

The best Military Might tip you can have for the Battlefield is to always look at the opponents Details before you attack. The reason for this is you want to see any information about them that may indicate their lower status. Players who have lost more battles then they have won relative to your level is a good sign of who may lose. A low rank is another, as is anyone of a lower level than you. Look at their Inventories and see if they have less weapons of status than you do. This may be the final deciding factor of who will win and lose in the Military Might Battlefield.

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