Jet Fighters Tips: Knowing When to Level Up

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Tips for Jet Fighter Levels

Leveling up in Jet Fighters for the iPhone is a difficult part of this free iPhone game, as you do not ever want to do it too early. Leveling up before you are ready will throw your entire Jet Fighters account off balance. If you are not fully prepared, and even more so, you will end up finding out that you are well behind the top Jet Fighters players in later levels. There is a very clear and easy way to know when it is time to go ahead and level up your Jet Fighters account.

Hold Up

There are a few equations that are done in Jet Fighters to determine the success of a fight. First, you take the level you are currently at and multiply it by ten. This number is the number of Squad members that are allowed in this fight. From here, look at your Weapons System and notice that you will have a few different categories ranging from weapons to defensive items. Each Squad member you have can handle a single one of each of these. From here, you have to then look at what you have as a sum total for your Jet Fighters account. If the number of Squad members you have is less than the total number allowed at your current Jet Fighters level then you should not level up. You should make sure you have much more excess than what is allowed at your current level before you move up. On top of this, make sure that the strongest of all Weapons Systems are purchased with more than enough for each Jet Fighters Squad member. If you also have lower level items sell them as they may be chosen as part of the fight over the stronger ones.

Jet Fighters Friend Codes

The Jet Fighters Squad situation may be the most important part of this. Early on you should be spreading your Jet Fighters Friend Code around as much as possible and scouring for other players’ Jet Fighters Friend Codes. Look on Jet Fighters Friend Code websites and scour as many as you can. Beyond just Friend Codes you can try to use Location invites, but make sure you do this in excess within the first ten levels.

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