Pirate Wars Tips: Recruiting Crew Members

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Pirate Friends

Though Pirate Wars has a more specific and engaging interface many of the gameplay elements are the same as with the other MMO text based iPhone RPGs. Pirate Wars has the most in common with PlayMesh titles like iPirates in that it uses a crew system that is entirely internal. Instead of adding other Pirate Wars players to your crew you buy crew members like items from the market. This is an entirely different type of function and requires you to go through Pirate Wars more like a conventional RPG and with less interactive social networking features. Here is a guide to and some tips for adding crew members to your Pirate Wars account.

Recruit Crew

When you are at the main Pirate Wars map find Market, which looks like a small bottle in the upper left hand corner. Once you are in the market you have two essential options. On the left you have a button for Buy Supplies, which takes you to a place where you purchase all of your supplies. On the right you have the Recruit Crew button, which is the one you need to select. Below the Recruit Crew button you will see that it costs you an energy point and five gold to add a crew member to your Pirate Wars account. Select the Recruit Crew button and a text box will pop up in the middle. Here you will enter how many crew members you want for your Pirate Wars account, which must be within the resources of energy and gold that you have. Above the Recruit Crew button you will have a listing of how many “bunks” are available, which means how many crew members you can recruit right at that time.

Pirate Wars Tips

You are going to want to start adding crew members right at the beginning, but you need to pace yourself. Everything in Pirate Wars is about its time and place, meaning that things are not always available. You have to level through Pirate Wars until you get to a place where things are available. This means that you do not need to get all your crew members right away and instead take things as they come.