iPhone 3Gs: Voice Control Tips

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Voice Control Tips

One of the main features that mark the iPhone 3Gs use of iPhone 3.0 is the voice control. This feature was surprisingly absent from the last incarnations of the iPhone, which prompted many users to demand voice control right along with video recording abilities. This turns out to be very useful and one of the iPhone 3Gs features that will help usher the iPhone into its eminent position as the cell phone model of the future. Here are some tips for using the voice control feature on the iPhone 3Gs.


The first thing you have to note with the voice control feature on the iPhone 3Gs is that it cannot be supported in all situations. The iPhone 3Gs does not work with the Bluetooth headset, so count this out in states where talking on the cell phone while driving is illegal. Thankfully you can actually use a regular iPhone headphone set and use the voice control, as long as it has the microphone on the chord. When you are using the iPhone headphones make sure that you do not try and alter the position of the microphone. Let it hang in a natural position.

Regular Microphone

This microphone positioning is a good way to think of the standard use of the regular iPhone 3Gs microphone. When you are using the iPhone 3Gs voice control try to keep in natural and approach it like you would during normal phone calls. You should try to take any kind of iPhone 3Gs case that you may have on your iPhone before using this.


Not all names are going to be good for voice calling. If the name is very short then the iPhone 3Gs voice control may have some troubles. The best way to deal with this is to add a different nickname to the contact if you are having troubles with the voice calling.


You can use the iPhone 3Gs voice control on the iPod section as well. The only issue here is that you cannot use voice control to select a particular song, instead just albums, artist, and playlists. One thing that people mess up often in the iPhone 3Gs voice control in the iPod section is they forget to say the full name of album or artist. Make sure you use the exact language and wording that is in these names.