Apple iPhone 3G S vs. Palm Pre - Comparison and Contrast

Apple iPhone 3G S vs. Palm Pre - Comparison and Contrast
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The Apple iPhone vs. the Palm Pre appears to be the greatest cell phone fight of the year. The Pre is touted as an “iPhone killer” and say it’s even more advanced than the iPhone, that just was updated as the iPhone 3G S. In this article, we will look at ten different features of the user experience, from phone capabilities to service cost. In each section, I will attempt to proclaim a winner, but as for who wins the entire match? Well, that’s up to you. Let me know which one you think wins in the comments below.


We’ll start with one of the most difficult categories to judge: Design. Both the iPhone and the Pre have elegant designs. Many users have fallen in love with the sleek and sexy look of the iPhone - even the original one with the brushed aluminum back. The Pre doesn’t look cheap either, using a similar shiny black plastic for the case. The iPhone screen is larger, at 3.5 inches as compared to the Pre’s 3.1 inch display. For some, the sliding design of the Pre is preferred for text messaging and email. This will be discussed in another section, but it’s worth mentioning from a design perspective.

For the design category, iPhone wins because of its large, beautiful display.

Storage Capacity

The iPhone 3G S comes with 16GB of storage space while the Pre only comes with 8GB. For the same price of the unit, a higher storage capacity always beats out a lower.

One point for the iPhone.


Both of these phones have unique features, though they both include a built-in 3MP camera. The Palm Pre includes an LED flash, which is an important addition to the camera. But, the iPhone wins this section with its video capturing and editing. Also, Apple has introduced its new tap autofocus function. Because of these latter features, the iPhone camera seems to be more advanced than the Pre camera.

Voice Commands

The new iPhone has integrated voice commands; something the previous two models lacked. The Palm Pre does not support voice commands.


The Palm Pre allows for multitasking; something that the iPhone does not support. On the iPhone, in order to open a new program, you must close the open program. One point for the Pre.

Cost of Plan

The Palm Pre has a lot - unlimited voice, data and messaging for only $99.99. For these features on the iPhone, the price would be close to $150. Sprint is known to have a fast data network, partially because the Palm Pre is the only hit smartphone that they’ve had. This point goes to the Palm Pre.

App Stores

The Apple app store has over 50,000 apps available for download, whereas the Palm Pre only had 18 at launch and not many more in their store now. The iPhone doesn’t need a single “killer app” because it has the breadth of apps to cover any job, industry or interest. Point to iPhone.


The multitouch gestures of the iPhone are intuitive and amazing. The Pre has a touchpad with assigned gestures, though not very easy to use. Gestures like swiping and pinching are natural and easy to learn. Palm Pre’s touch features leave something to be desired. One point for the iPhone.


With iPhone, everything syncs with iTunes flawlessly, and music and other media can be downloaded directly through the iTunes store, and playlists can easily be organized. The Palm Pre doesn’t offer a syncing feature, so you have to drag and drop. It works with the Amazon MP3 store. This point goes to iPhone.


Both the iPhone and Pre offer five hours talk time and 300 hours standby time. But, the iPhone does that with a larger screen. iPhone has been criticized because it does not have a user-replaceable battery. Apple has done wonders with its battery technology. However, because of the user-replaceable battery, I’m going to have to give this point to the Pre.

iPhone won this contest 7-3. The best thing you can do is check them out for yourself. Certainly, either one of these phones would make a great smartphone.

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