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New Wallpapers for iPhone

Recently my friend has uploaded the latest wallpaper of his hot fave, Jessica Alba, to his iPhone. And let me tell you, it’s looking so cool! Even you can upload latest wallpapers and pictures of your favorite celebrity to your iPhone. Uploading new pictures and images to your iPhone does not take much time, and it’s really easy and fun as well. Just follow the steps below and you get a complete new gallery of amazing photographs in your iPhone.

How to Upload Photos

The easiest way to get the best pictures is through iTunes. Download all the interesting photographs and wallpapers from the Internet, and group them all together in a folder in iTunes. It will be great if you can assemble all the pictures under specific folders so that you can easily pick up the ones you want on your iPhone screen. Don’t forget to keep a backup of all your photos in your computer. Synchronization of the pictures is easy through iTunes. There you need to click on the ‘Photos’ function in iTunes and select the ‘Sync photos from’ button. This will quickly sync whichever photographs you want on your iPhone. You can select all photos or specific folders and albums for sync.

When sync is done, it’s time to set the wallpaper on your iPhone screen. Simply go to the Settings, click on Wallpaper and then to Photo Library, where all the synchronized photo files are saved. Go to the image library and select whichever photograph you want on your iPhone screen. It’s that simple.


You can also customize your iPhone wallpapers and theme icons. However, this will require you to jailbreak your iPhone first and then upload the photographs. iTunes makes it quite easy for you to manage and sync all the images to your iPhone. Moreover, you can edit the photos on advanced and user-friendly software applications such as Adobe Photoshop. This is a fun way to turn your wallpapers into interesting images. Above all, it is about being innovative while using all your imaginations in photo editing. My friend (that Jessica fan) has come up with customizable Jessica wallpapers, thanks to his Photoshop skills. The wallpaper looks extremely cool. So, are you ready for a new photo upload on your iPhone?