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Customizing each contact in your Contact List is important, especially as a way of itemizing your Contacts List and limiting the over all number of contacts. The iPhone allows for a number of different forms of contact, so instead of thinking of your Contacts List simply as your phonebook you should think of it as a place where you create profiles for your family and friends with details about them and a variety of contact information. Here are a few tips for customizing each contact in your Contacts List.

Creating a Contact

When you are creating a contact do it for a person and not for a phone number. You want to have one contact for each person or institution instead of separate contacts for things like home, work and cell phone numbers. Take the number that you are beginning with and enter it as the type that it is. From here, add their proper name, with the first and last names going in the correct spots. This will make the cataloguing a little bit easier. Now that you have their profile created, you can add a number of things. If you want to make changes to the profile, you begin by hitting the Edit button in the upper left hand corner. Now the profile is up for alteration.

Adding a Picture

In the upper left hand corner of the profile is a picture spot where you can add a picture to the profile. This picture will then come up when that contact calls you. Go ahead and press this picture area and you will be given the option to take a picture or select a picture from the Photo Album. This is a good chance to add a clear photo of that person. If you cannot get one of them, you can take one from one of their social networking site profiles, save it to your Camera Roll, and then use that on the profile.

Adding More Numbers

Below the first spot where the number was added is a place to add a new phone number. Only do this in case of a new type of phone number is made available. If they change the other type of phone number, you can just alter it but keep the number type.

Adding Email Addresses

Below the basic phone call area is a place to add their email address. You can actually add several email addresses, but that may not be optimum. Though several phone numbers may be appropriate, more than one or two email addresses for each contact may be overkill. This is good so you can send text and picture emails from your phone just as easily as text messages.


Since the Contacts List should be all-encompassing you should add the rest of the contact information. There is a spot to add a URL for them, so if they have a home page this is good. If they do not then you could simply add their Facebook or MySpace pages here. Below that is a place to add their address, which you should keep accurate.

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