Tips for Working With Your iPhone Calendar

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Since the iPhone includes a bare bones version of iCal it is easy to use complex calendar syncing software, including Microsoft Outlook on PCs. This Calendar application in the iPhone may be the most central part of using the iPhone as a PDA and for uniting personal devices with phones. Here you can schedule your day, month, even year. Here are some tips for using the Calendar on your iPhone.

List, Day, Month

When you are looking at the Calendar you can look to the bottom and see a few different view type buttons. On the far left, independent of the other buttons, is the today button that is usually selected when you first open Calendar. The next three are list, day, and month, and the day button is probably selected since you are viewing today. Each one of these view are best for different things. If you are simply looking to see the different events that you have coming up that you have already put into your phone you can look at the list view. If you are trying to see what you have on a particular day, such as today when you first get up in the morning, then go for the day look. If you want to browse over the significant events of a month or find a particular day to add something manually on the iPhone then the month view will be best.

Add Events Manually

You can easily add events on your iPhone Calendar through the iPhone, though doing it through your computer calendar program is much better. If you want to add events go ahead and go to the month view and find the day you want. Go ahead and select that day and then press the “+” add button in the upper right hand corner. This will take you to the Add Event page where you set the title of the event, the location of the event, the start and end times, as well as the possible alarm alerts. You can even set notes here and select if you want this event to repeat itself. This is time consuming, especially if you have to add a number of events to the Calendar. For standard scheduling you should be using your computer calendar software to sync to your iPhone, this way you can use normal typing and set all of your events for the month then sync to your iPhone.

Add Complete

Once you have an event on a Calendar day in month view you will see it below the Calendar dates when you select that day. There will also be a black dot on the bottom of that day’s box. Once you go back to the list view you will see that event with the day and date above it. Here all the events will be listed in order of chronology, but they will be listed as text from top to bottom.