Tips for Working With Your Photo Album

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Checking the Photo Albums

The Photo Album in the iPhone is different from those found on most phones. Since the iPhone is able to take screenshots, takes photos from applications and online, as well as use the high-resolution camera, you have a lot more to deal with in the Photo Album. Here are a few tips on working with the Photo Album to help you.

Photos In and Out

There are two essential areas in the big flower Photo Album. The Camera Roll is where the photos you take with the camera, take through screenshots, or download from applications or online. The Photo Library is usually pictures that you synced onto your iPhone though iTunes on your computer. These are two different and distinct photo albums.

If you want to add a photo album from your computer, you can do this really easily through iPhoto, but if you just want to get the pictures onto your iPhone without trouble, you can just do it by syncing and adding them to the Photo Library.

If you want to add an album to your Photo Album you can start by opening up iPhoto and creating a complete album out of the photos or pictures you want. Then plug in your iPhone to your computer and open up iTunes. Go down to your iPhone on the right hand device menus. Once you have selected your iPhone go ahead and hit the Photos tab. Find the folders of the albums you want to add and you can add a few or all of them. This is easy no matter if you are on a PC or Apple machine, yet iPhoto may not be the start up photo application on the PC machine.

Getting Them on Your iPhone

The same principle works if you want to put pictures from your iPhone onto your computer. Apple’s built in mechanism will ask once you plug in, and Microsoft includes its own function. When you first plug your iPhone into your PC the iPhone will come up in the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard, which lets you bring your pictures from your iPhone to your computer. If you select Ok then it will scan to find your pictures and then Scanner and Camera Wizard will come up. Then you can go through and check next to each picture you want to upload, select them all, or deselect them all. From here, all of these selected pictures will then be captured onto your PC from a folder you create.


When you are in the Photo Album, no matter which album you select in here, you can view the pictures easily as a slideshow. When you get into one of the albums, you will notice that there is a sideways “play” triangle at the bottom. Hit the play button and you will fade into a full screen slideshow where each picture is shown in order for about three seconds. This is a great way to look through all of your pictures or share them with friends.

Background Wallpaper

You can easily turn any of these photos into the background opening screen on your phone. Find the picture you want to use in Photo Album you first open it up and then tap on it once. In the lower left hand corner, you will see an icon with a rectangle and an arrow in the middle. Tap on this and you will bring up an options menu. At the top of this, above Email Photo and Assign to Contact, will be Use As Wallpaper. Hit this and it will preview what it will look like, and you just hit Set Wallpaper to set it.