Tips for Prolonging Your iPhone Life

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For anybody that has spent the money on their iPhone they know that the cost is significant no matter what your situation. The iPhone is the largest development toward the integration of media and communication, yet it still has a gateway cost that leaves many people unable to make the step forward. With this in mind it is important to do all you can to prolong the life of the sensitive device. Here are a few tips meant to extend the life of your iPhone.


The iPhone has a construct that is similar to a tablet PC. To keep things up it is important to remember that it only works correctly when kept in line with its computer profile. Make sure to plug in your iPhone and let it sync to your computer iTunes account at least once ever two days. You can go without ever connecting your iPhone to your computer, but this is really a terrible idea.


The same process of constant attentiveness should be used with your applications. Take the load off the memory in the iPhone by removing any unused applications. This is especially true of updates for existing applications that just seem to sit on there. You may also want to clear out old photos that you do not need anymore.

Start Up

Be sure to restart the iPhone at least twice a week. This means completely shutting it off, allowing it to sit for a few minutes, then starting it back up. This is especially true if you are running a number of applications.


Be careful about the media you place in the iPod section of your iPhone. Get the files from legitimate sources that can be trusted.

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The physical entity of the iPhone is also incredibly sensitive. Avoid shaking the iPhone as this has a negative effect below its hood. If you are using it during physical activity, such as jogging, try to hold it to reduce movement. The touch screen is very sensitive. This makes it prone to scratches and cracking. If you can, you should by a clear cover to reduce the damage that may occur. Find a protective shell that addresses both the touch screen and the back of the phone.

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